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    Wählt odin

    wählt odin

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    Among the Bryggen inscriptions found in Bergen , Norway , is the "valkyrie stick" from the late 14th century. The stick features a runic inscription intended as a charm.

    The inscription says that "I cut cure-runes", and also "help-runes", once against elves , twice against trolls , thrice against thurs and then a mention of a valkyrie occurs:.

    This is followed by "I send you, I look at you, wolfish perversion, and unbearable desire, may distress descend on you and jöluns wrath.

    Never shall you sit, never shall you sleep Many valkyrie names emphasize associations with battle and, in many cases, on the spear—a weapon heavily associated with the god Odin.

    Some valkyrie names may be descriptive of the roles and abilities of the valkyries. The valkyrie name Herja has been theorised as pointing to a connection to the name of the goddess Hariasa , who is attested from a stone from CE.

    They were loud, yes, loud, when they rode over the burial mound; they were fierce when they rode across the land. Shield yourself now, you can survive this strife.

    Out, little spear, if there is one here within. Theories have been proposed that these figures are connected to valkyries.

    Settle down, victory-women, never be wild and fly to the woods. Be as mindful of my welfare, as is each man of eating and of home.

    The term "victory women" has been theorised as pointing to an association with valkyries. This theory is not universally accepted, and the reference has also been theorised as a simple metaphor for the "victorious sword" the stinging of the bees.

    Once the Idisi sat, sat here and there, some bound fetters, some hampered the army, some untied fetters: Escape from the fetters, flee from the enemies.

    The Idisi mentioned in the incantation are generally considered to be valkyries. Rudolf Simek says that "these Idisi are obviously a kind of valkyrie, as these also have the power to hamper enemies in Norse mythology" and points to a connection with the valkyrie name Herfjötur Old Norse "army-fetter".

    In addition, the place name Idisiaviso meaning "plain of the Idisi" where forces commanded by Arminius fought those commanded by Germanicus at the Battle of the Weser River in 16 AD.

    Simek points to a connection between the name Idisiaviso , the role of the Idisi in one of the two Merseburg Incantations and valkyries.

    Jacob Grimm states that, though the norns and valkyries are similar in nature, there is a fundamental difference between the two.

    The norns have to pronounce the fatum [fate], they sit on their chairs, or they roam through the country among mortals, fastening their threads.

    Nowhere is it said that they ride. The valkyrs ride to war, decide the issues of fighting, and conduct the fallen to heaven; their riding is like that of heroes and gods".

    Various theories have been proposed about the origins and development of the valkyries from Germanic paganism to later Norse mythology.

    Rudolf Simek suggests valkyries were probably originally viewed as "demons of the dead to whom warriors slain on the battlefield belonged", and that a shift in interpretation of the valkyries may have occurred "when the concept of Valhalla changed from a battlefield to a warrior's paradise".

    Simek says that this original concept was "superseded by the shield girls —Irish female warriors who lived on like the einherjar in Valhall.

    Simek states that due to the shift of concept, the valkyries became popular figures in heroic poetry , and during this transition were stripped of their "demonic characteristics and became more human, and therefore become capable of falling in love with mortals [ MacLeod and Mees theorise that "the role of the corpse-choosing valkyries became increasingly confused in later Norse mythology with that of the Norns , the supernatural females responsible for determining human destiny [ Hilda Ellis Davidson says that, regarding valkyries, "evidently an elaborate literary picture has been built up by generations of poets and storytellers, in which several conceptions can be discerned.

    We recognise something akin to Norns, spirits who decide destinies of men; to the seeresses , who could protect men in battle with their spells; to the powerful female guardian spirits attached to certain families, bringing luck to youth under their protection; even to certain women who armed themselves and fought like men, for whom there is some historical evidence from the regions round the Black Sea ".

    She adds that there may also be a memory in this of a "priestess of the god of war, women who officiated at the sacrificial rites when captives were put to death after battle.

    Davidson places emphasis on the fact that valkyrie literally means "chooser of the slain". She compares Wulfstan's mention of a "chooser of the slain" in his Sermo Lupi ad Anglos sermon, which appears among "a blacklist of sinners, witches and evildoers", to "all the other classes whom he [Wulfstan] mentions", and concludes as those "are human ones, it seems unlikely that he has introduced mythological figures as well.

    Davidson says that "it would hardly be surprising if strange legends grew up about such women, who must have been kept apart from their kind due to their gruesome duties.

    Since it was often decided by lot which prisoners should be killed, the idea that the god "chose" his victims, through the instrument of the priestesses, must have been a familiar one, apart from the obvious assumption that some were chosen to fall in war.

    Näsström notes that, just like Odin, Freyja receives slain heroes who have died on the battlefield, and that her house is Sessrumnir which she translates as "filled with many seats" , a dwelling that Näsström posits likely fills the same function as Valhalla.

    Näsström comments that "still, we must ask why there are two heroic paradises in the Old Norse view of afterlife. These examples indicate that Freyja was a war-goddess, and she even appears as a valkyrie, literally 'the one who chooses the slain'.

    Valkyries have been the subjects of various poems, works of art and musical works. In poetry, valkyries appear in " Die Walküren " by H.

    Heine appearing in Romanzero , , " Die Walküren " by H. Linge, and " Sköldmon " appearing in Gömda Land , Works of art depicting valkyries include Die Walküren sketch, by J.

    Sandberg, Reitende Walküre fresco , previously located in Munich palace but now destroyed, —66 by M. Welti, Walkürenritt woodcut , by T.

    Pixis, Walkürenritt by A. Becker reproduced in with the same title by A. Heyde , Die Walkyren charcoal , and Walkyren wählen und wecken die gefallenen Helden Einherier , um sie vom Schlachtfield nach Walhall zu geleiten painting, and Walkyrenschlacht oil painting, by K.

    Ehrenberg, Walkürenritt oil painting, , and etching, by A. Welti, Walküre statue by H. Günther, Walkürenritt oil painting by H.

    Hendrich, Walkürenritt painting by F. Leeke, Einherier painting, from around , by K. Dielitz, The Ride of the Valkyries painting, from around by J.

    Kolb, and Valkyrier drawing, by E. Valkyrie Profile and its sequels are set in a fictional fantasy world loosely based on Norse mythology, where the hero is a Valkyrie who's required to gather souls of fallen soldiers for the upcoming Ragnarök.

    Rainbow Six Siege features a playable operator named Valkyrie. For Honor features a viking character that is a Valkyrie.

    In Vainglory , the captain hero Grace has an epic skin named Valkyrie Grace. In the video game Odin Sphere Leifthrasir , one of the five protagonists is a Valkyrie named Gwendolyn.

    In the video game God of War , several Valkyries serve as optional boss characters, and the player can earn a trophy for defeating all of them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    For other uses, see Valkyrie disambiguation. List of valkyrie names. Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. Valkyrie name etymologies from Orchard For Hariasa, Simek Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe: Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions.

    Gods and Myths of Northern Europe. Viking Age functional culture as a reflection of the belief in divine intervention " in Andren, A.

    Fagrskinna, a Catalogue of the Kings of Norway: A Translation with Introduction and Notes. New York University Press. George Bell and Sons.

    Elves in Anglo-Saxon England. History of the Kings of Norway. University of Texas Press. Runic Amulets and Magic Objects. Comparative Studies in History of Religions: Their Aim, Scrope and Validity.

    Heathen Gods in Old English Literature. Dictionary of Norse Myth and Legend. A Handbook of Germanic Etymology. Dictionary of Northern Mythology.

    Upplands runinskrifter del 4. Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien. ISSN in Swedish. Death in Germanic mythology and paganism.

    Bog body Hogback sculpture Stone ship Tumulus. Matres and Matronae Rebirth in Germanic paganism Soul etymology.

    Deities and other figures. Norse gods Norse giants Mythological Norse people, items and places Germanic paganism Heathenry new religious movement.

    Anglo-Saxon paganism and mythology. Shadow Lich Number Fortune Tune Number Blackship of Corn Number Finisher the Strong Arm Number Diamond Crab King Number Lion Heart Number Gogogo Goliath Number Gold Rat Number Tri-Head Dust Dragon Number Burner Visor Number Crooked Cook Number Shamoji Soldier Number Ronin Raccoon Sandayu Number Djinn Buster Number Master Key Beetle Number Pair-a-Dice Smasher Number Sanaphond the Sky Prison Number Heraldry Crest Number Malevolent Sin Number Rebarian Shark Number Shogi Rook Number Abyss Splash Number Master of Blades Number Bamboozling Gossip Shadow Number The Seven Sins Number Number Archive Number Battlin' Boxer Nova Kaiser Number Rhapsody in Berserk Number Galaxy Queen Number Pain Gainer Number Crazy Box Number Heroic Champion - Rhongomyniad Number Queen of the Night Number Gimmick Puppet of Leo Number Diablosis the Mind Hacker Number Galaxy-Eyes Photon Lord Number Thunder Spark Dragon Number Heart-eartH Dragon Number Utopia Kaiser Number Dark Mist Number Utopic Dragon Number F0: Utopic Future Number F0: Numeron Dragon Number Star Seraph Sentry Number Chronomaly Atlandis Number Numeron Dragon Number C Chronomaly Chaos Atlandis Numeral Hunter.

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